Enumerate at least five helpful hints of site selection and preparation

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Enumerate at least five helpful hints of site selection and preparation​


1. Separation or Buffer Distances

The site selected and the transport routes associated with it should be sufficiently separated from sensitive land uses to ensure that any facility will not, under normal operating conditions impact adversely on either environmental values or amenity of surrounding lands.

2. Site Suitability

The sites characteristics, including topography, geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, flora and fauna, ethnographic and heritage values should minimise the risk of adverse impacts occurring

3. Proximity to Waste Source

Any facility should be sited in a manner that minimises any adverse economic and environmental impacts arising from transport of wastes or products.

4. Zoning

The site selected should either be zoned appropriately under the relevant planning schemes or be capable of being rezoned to comply with the scheme.

5. Protection and Enhancement of Conservation Values

Council will act through the siting, design and operational phases of the project in a manner that results in a nett positive environmental benefit for the conservation values of the area around a facility

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