How do trees protect our sources of water?

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How do trees protect our sources of water?​

How do trees protect our sources of water?​

Trees help to improve water quality by reducing the rate at which rain falls to the ground and allowing it to soak into the ground. They help limit stormwater runoff and flood damage by preventing soil erosion into our waterways. They safeguard our streams, rivers, and lakes by acting as natural filters. Each year, trees in the Twin Cities metropolitan region keep billions of gallons of stormwater out of our stormdrains. Instead of flowing through our storm sewers, transporting pollutants from our streets and lands into surrounding waterbodies, stormwater is absorbed by trees and returned to the atmosphere as part of the natural water cycle. Stormwater management is a skill that trees excel at. They function as mini-reservoirs, collecting and storing rain and melting snow. This reduces the amount of stormwater runoff entering our storm drains.

How can we protect our water sources?


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