Pa answer po ng tama thank u

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Pa answer po ng tama thank u​





magtala ng misconceptions kaugnay ng puberty

Patulong po pwede 3 – 5 sentences

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Up Next: 1. Tina is browsing , in her computer but she decided to also open YouTube at her computer to watch vlogs of her favorite vlogger, what feature of a website does she need to use that will take her to the other part of the website?, A. link, B. CTA, C. navigation men, D. home page, 2. If Rafael wants to see the display of various types of information that are not part of the page2019s main content, such as links and other social media accounts, what feature of a website should he use?, A. home page, B. sidebar, C. footer, D. header, 3. Which of the following sentences is CORRECT about features of website?, A. A website must be hard to access for security reasons., B. A website should have features that can be hard to use so students can2019t access it easily., C. A website should use inappropriate designs and visuals., D. A website should present relevant and up-to-date content., 4. The following sentences are all correct about a good website EXCEPT?, A. It should be easy to navigate., B. It should show unbelievable content., C. A good website should be easy to read., D. A good website should manifest relevance., 5. Why does a website should include a well-presented Call of Action (CTA)?, A. It functions as a bar where you can type links that you need to visit., B. It is a key element on a webpage, acting as a signpost that lets the user know what to do next., C. It gives you information that is not displayed in the page2019s main content., D. It collects group web pages in several ways., 6. Why is it important for a website to be mobile-friendly?, A. A website is only accessible through mobile phones., B. We can2019t access a website without cell phones., C. A website is visited by a variety of different devices and screen sizes and it includes smartphones., D. Computer is the only device to access web pages., 7. The following show best characteristics of a good website EXCEPT?, A. It is essential for a website to look clean and simple., B. Font size and font style matter in designing a website., C. A website must be easy to navigate., D. Loud and intense colors should be used in designing a website.