Pasagot po Ako please need Kona

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Pasagot po Ako please need Kona ​


Yes, using these visual representations are effective. First of all, in the photograph it shows how the farmers plant the rice, seeing the picture you can see how the farmers worked hard to plant those rice under the heat of the sun. It shows their dedication and hard work in being a farmer. Meanwhile, the diagram it shows how much the rice production increased over the years which is a good thing. Rice production is considered as the most important economic activity on the planet because more than 2.7 billion people especially the poor ones rely on rice for their meals as their main source of food. If you look at the diagram and try to understand it, you can get information on what is the status of rice production over the past few years and what is the average of yields and area we used for planting rice.

Paki brainliest nalang po kapag tama, salamat

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