Please I need it answer it please

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Please I need it answer it please ​



Look at this home

We need a new foundation

It may seem hopeless but well get by just fine

Look at this family, a glowing constellation

So full of stars and everybody wants to shine

But the stars dont shine, they burn

And the constellations shift

I think its time you learn

Yore more than just your gift

And Im sorry I held on too tight

Just so afraid Id lose you too

The miracle is not some magic that yove got

The miracle is you, not some gift, just you

The miracle is you

All of you, all of you

Okay, so we gonna talk about Bruno? (Thats Bruno)

Yeah, theres a lot to say about Bruno

Ill start, okay

Pepa, Im sorry bout your wedding, didnt mean to be upsetting

That wasnt a prophecy, I could just see you were sweating

And I wanted you to know that your bro loves you so

Let it in, let it out, let it rain, let it snow, let it go

Thats what Im always saying, bro

Got a lotta pologies I got to say

(Hey, were just happy that yore here, okay?) Uh, But

Come into the light, the triplets all reunite

And no matter what happens were gonna find our way

Yo, I knew he never left, I heard him every day

Whats that sound? (Oh, oh)

I think its everyone in town


Lay down your load (lay down your load)

We are only down the road (we are only down the road)

We have no gifts, but we are many

And well do anything for you

Its a dream when we work as a team (all of you, all of you)

Yore so strong

Yeah, but sometimes I cry (all of you, all of you)

So do I

I may not be as strong but Im getting wiser

Yeah, I need sunlight and fertilizer

Cmon, lets plant something new and watch it fly

Straight up to the sky, lets go

The stars dont shine, they burn

The constellations glow

The seasons change in turn

Would you watch our little girl go? (She takes after you)

Hey Mariano, why so blue?

I just have so much love inside

Yknow, Ive got this cousin too

Have you met Dolores?

Okay, Ill take it from here, goodbye

You talk so loud

You take care of your mother and you make her proud

You write your own poetry every night when you go to sleep

And Im seizing the moment, so would you wake up and notice me?

Dolores, I see you (and I hear you)

Yes (all of you, all of you)

Lets get married (slow down)

All of you, all of you

Home sweet home

I like the new foundation

It isnt perfect

Neither are we (thats true)

Just one more thing, before the celebration (what?)

We need a doorkno

We made this one for you

We see how bright you burn

We see how brave yove been

Now, see yourself in turn

Yore the real gift, kid, let us in

Open your eyes

Abre los ojos

What do you see?

I see me

All of me

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