The numbered steps using in a microscope

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The numbered steps using in a microscope

Answer: The steps on how to use a MICROSCOPE
1. (2)In carrying the microscope, hold firmly the microscopes arm with one hand and place the other hand under the base for support.
2. (1)Put the microscope on a table with the arm towards you.
3. (5)Rotate the nosepiece until the low-power objective lens clicks into place.
4.(7) Put a slide on the stage. Position the specimen over the opening on the stage and use the stage clip to hold it in place.
5. (8)Look into the eyepiece, and gently turn the coarse adjustment knob until you get the clear focus of the specimen, ​
6. (3)Check the stage from the side, Slowly turn the coarse adjustment knob to lower the body tube until the lower power objective almost touches the slide
7. (4)Turn the coarse adjustment knob to raise the body tube.
8.(6) While looking into the eyepiece, adjust the diaphragm and the mirror until you see a bright white circle of light.
9.(8) Look into the eyepiece and turn the fine adjustment knob until the specimen is properly focused.
10.(9) Shift to high power objective lens, Gently revolve the nosepiece until the high power objective lens clicks in place. Be sure that the lens will hit the slide.

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