What is the best described of love?

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What is the best described of love? ​

What is the best described of love? ​

What does  Love mean is, Being sincerely engaged and linked to someone or something is what love entails. The basic definition of love is to feel more than a passing admiration for someone. It is a relationship between two persons.

Commitment is the definition of love.

A true connection necessitates being present for one another. When we fail to put up the effort, things with someone who could have been wonderful for us do not work out. Love can be the finest emotion one can ever have if you put in that additional effort for someone who can reciprocate it.”

Love isnt difficult to define; its just that the writers have expressed it in their own unique way, leading to confusion about what it actually is. One of the numerous types of feelings is love. When you feel affection for someone, you begin to care about them and consider them near to you, you are in love. You will not be afraid to reveal your actual self in front of them. Thats how you know yore in love.

In conclusion Love can occur in everything and in everyone. love to animals, human, things, events and etc.

What is the best answer to describe love​


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