What is the product of (6x+5)\xb2

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What is the product of (6x+5)²​



36x² + 60x + 25

Step-by-step explanation:

To get the product of (6x+5)²​, use the FOIL method.

Binomials are multiplied using the FOIL Method. The letters F O I L stand for First, Outside, Inside, and Last, and allude to the sequence in which concepts are multiplied. For your answer, multiply the initial terms, then the outside terms, then the inner terms, then the last terms, and then combine like terms.


(6x+5) (6x+5)

First: (6x) (6x)

= 36x

Outer: (6x) (5)

= 30x

Inner: (5) (6x)

= 30x

Last: (5) (5)

= 25

So, you get the answer of 36x + 30x + 30x + 25. Combine the like terms to get the final answer:

36x² + 60x + 25

Hence, the product of (6x+5)²​ is 36x² + 60x + 25.

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